Social Responsibility

Walked Into Jinke

We persist to the environment protection concept of “green, low-carbon and sustainable”.     

      We deem a sustainable development of an enterprise should be based upon the combination of marginity, safety and social responsibility. We adhere to the concept of “green, low-carbon, sustainable” during our growth and strive to reach the goal of harmonious development of economy, environment and society. As a Zhejiang Provincial Green Enterprise and Shaoxing Environment Friendly Enterprise, we attach great importance on environmental protection. The two leading products have basically achieved the target of 'zero release' during operation. The two leading products have been respectively listed in Resource Saving and Environment Protection projects of  Development and Reform Committee.
      Meanwhile, we actively implement cleaning production and cyclic economy, and have built advanced sewage treatment system, trying to upgrade our technology through innovation and management to realize sustainable and green development. We are committed to becoming an excellent enterprise combined of customers' trust, employees' pride, and shareholders' satisfaction, peers' respect, social recognition, and family happiness”.


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